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Special thanks to all the dinguses who made this weekend the best 3 days I’ve ever wasted

flighttune 2007excalibur2007 sugaryviolet samsynthis acleps mrdeloop moundriot jakewhyman electro-blitz jhaller2 nashefn indexefn phinpie omegaozone epiclper thelightleavesthee rapidbeta theelinker laserpon3 turquoise-music lilycloudmusic tinyhorsehooves little-miss-shayla scooblee cgeyeguy nas-160 jackdc93 @eddywriter (Twitter)

There’s a few more people whose tumblrs I don’t know:

smor3s, Ace, Snivian Moon

And probably a bunch of other people I’m forgetting… if you played with me (and/or talked with me over Skype in-game) and I forgot to add you, let me know!

If it weren’t for you, my weekend probably would have… gone a lot better… so thank you all <3

Time well wasted

Btw. if there’s a private server release again I’ll think about making a public one. Not sure tho. It’s hell lot of work to get it stable.




youtube ads are just showing me this fanmade my little pony video of rainbow dash and scootaloo sleeping by a fire its not even trying to sell me anything idk what the heck is going on

someone paid real money to shove my little pony in the faces of youtube users

It’s part of the new creator studio features. You can select one of your videos to be “promoted” and it’ll work like an advert.

Okay I wanna make this clear: I did not use this feature to promote my videos. I have no clue what’s going on and it pisses me off too even tho it’s an advertisement for myself. I hate it. I know it makes so many people mad actually and while I was at GalaCon I also saw how many were pissed and I had to explain it to all of them.

But once and for all: I did not do or ever want this. I want to earn my subs, followers, fans and all that on a fair way, not shoving everthing up their buttholes with force. Of course I know that self advertisement is actually good too but you have to know where the edges are and where to stop, those YouTube shit advertisements are one thing that’s faaaaar too much already and I have no idea how to turn it off. I don’t want to piss everyone off or even make mad because of this and I will also release a video soon about this behaviour on YouTubes side that it’s not acceptable that you can’t turn this off. Especially because (at least I see them myself like that) my videos aren’t “super amazing great” either and that’s why I hate when they are shown like this…

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