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Dashboard, why are you making me cry? :’(

I feel like this all the time.

This is my life. 
I’ve always felt this, and often run away, because I don’t want to hurt others. D: 

This is me on so many levels ;w;

This is literally my life… My fucking life, yes… All of it… All the pain…


This cutie patootie that we saw in the newest episode of mlp is named Stellar Eclipse. He’s an oc of an ill kid who got his wish of having him show up in the show thanks to Make-A-Wish.

I have to say, kudos to the kid. This design is very pretty and adorable. He did a great job designing him.

Be ill and design your own OC -> Gets instantly featured in show

Be fanbase-popular and make music -> Get the original VAs to sing for you
Be normal and design your own even more awesome OC -> Nah

Be normal and make even better music -> Nah, you’re not famous.

Ladies and gentlemen, our fandom in a nutshell

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